Programs and Classes

The Learn to Skate Class is designed for children who have never skated before or who have limited skating experience. It teaches the fun and fundamentals of skating using music and games. Emphasis is placed on the beginning skating fundamentals needed to continue on to our basic skills levels, and how to interact with other children. The class has five test levels and consists of 30 minutes of group instruction, followed by 15 minutes of practice ice. The minimum age for LTS is 3.5 years old. Children must have helmets and single blade skates.

The Alpha-Delta Class (Basic Skills) level begins when skaters have passed all five levels of Learn to Skate. The class has four test levels: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. Students begin to concentrate of proper stroking, solid edges and beginning jumps.

The Freestyle 1-10 Classes allow skaters to concentrate on the more sophisticated aspects of the sport, learning advanced jumps, spins, footwork and choreography. Advanced skaters learn how to skate to a program as part of the test requirements.

The Team Competition Class is for any skater in Freestyle 4 and below. The class will teach a group ensemble, production and/or team compulsories to take to local competitions.

The Team Ice is for any skater in Freestyle 5 and above who would like to take on the challenge of competition with a group. Last year’s group performed Pitch Perfect. Join in this year for a new and exciting production!

The Adult Class (age 13 through 90!) follows a nationally recognized format which begins with the basic skills levels. Adults are placed into small groups according to ability and progress from level to level at their own pace. Music and body stretching, along with stroking and edge work are stressed.