Ice Magic 2016

Ice Magic 2016

It’s time to start planning for this year’s Nashoba Valley ISI Skating School Ice Magic Show!

Ice Magic 2016 will have a mandatory dress rehearsal on Friday June 10th @ 6:00pm. The shows will be on Saturday, June 11th @ 4:00 and Sunday, June 12th @ 1:00. We encourage ISI skaters of all levels and abilities to participate in our show.

While we want to encourage everyone to participate in the show, we understand that spring sports and family events can interfere with show commitment. Please carefully consider your personal circumstances before committing to the show. Attendance at all practices is important to all. Since we have two performances, we ask that you make sure you can commit to BOTH SHOWS and the DRESS REHEARSAL on Friday night. It is imperative that all members of the show be present with skates and costumes in working order. Please remember to check your schedules to avoid any potential conflicts with this weekend.

To be in the show, skaters must be registered in sessions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.  Learn to Skate skaters must be registered in sessions 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Dads, we’ve even saved the last waltz for you. Come join us for all the fun on the ice!

Our show numbers are grouped by ability, choreographed by our ISI professional staff, and directed by Robin DeFazio. EVERY SKATING LEVEL IS HIGHLIGHTED WITH THEIR OWN GROUP NUMBER AND GIVEN THEIR TIME IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Group numbers are determined by skating level as of December 19th.

Show application for Freestyle 1-10 with separate page for Solo Requests
Show application for Learn to Skate and Alpha-Delta
Costume sizing for GROUP numbers (There is not a costume fee for fathers in the father-daughter number but there is a registration fee.)  Soloists are responsible for their own costumes.
Father Daughter Release
Release form for Family (Mothers) Number
A list of volunteer opportunities and descriptions

Please fill out all forms accurately and return them all together by December 19, 2015.  A non-refundable registration and costume fee is due at this time.

• Show information will be posted on the ISI Bulletin board in the main hallway with the main informational board in the ISI office, and at the Learn-to-Skate check in table.
• Show information will also be sent by email. Please be sure to let us know if your email changes.
• Practice for the group numbers will generally be held during group lessons.
• We will give you as much advanced notice as possible for any practices not offered during class ice by using the bulletin boards and email. We will use the ice that is offered through NVO. Every effort will be made not to add extra costs for practice ice.

Producing this show takes a lot of hard work and it depends on the energy of its many volunteers. Parents, we are requiring your assistance. The success of our show depends on your help. At least one parent is required to sign up to help. Our show is run entirely by parent volunteers who have given freely of their time to make our show the best it can be.

Robin DeFazio & Emily Allinson , Show Directors